“Novels are about what is said, Poetry is about what is almost said.” Juan Ramon Jimenez

There is a great poem for every child, teenager, and adult! This site has tons of poems and information on all kinds of different poets.  There’s stuff about old poets and current poets, music lyrics, and a chance to add you own poetry to the site.

Poetry lets people say something that is hard to say in normal sentences.  The feeling that you have after you read a book or a short story can come from reading a poem just as easily.  A great poem will make you think differently about something that you don’t normally think about.

People all around the world read and write poetry.  Even before people learned to write, poetry was read aloud to entertain people.  Some of the oldest stories in history were rhyming poems because they were easier to remember than stories that did not rhyme.  Poetry changed when people learned how to read and write, but it is still enjoyed by people all over the world.

Poetry is fun once you start thing about it more! There are so many reasons to enjoy reading and writing poetry.

A poem can say anything or be about anything at all. They can be funny or sad or just make you think.

They’re fun to say out loud, especially the ones that rhyme.

They’re way shorted than reading a whole book!

They make you smarter because you have to think about them in different ways.

Writing poems lets you express yourself.

Listening to poems is like listening to your favorite music.